The ValidateAndSubmit action.

The "ValidateAndSubmit action is designed to save you time and enable you to do pretty advanced form validation without writing a single line of code. This action offers you the following features:
  • The ValidateAndSubmit action validates text fields, password fields, radio button groups and popup lists.
  • Custom error messages. Use your own words and/or your own language.
  • Form elements with errors are color marked for easy detection. (NN6, IE4+)
  • Use any color you like, or no color at all.
  • The user will get an alert message with a list of errors and an indication of what caused them.
  • The ValidateAndSubmit action uses regular expressions to perform tests on e-mail addresses.
  • The ValidateAndSubmit action searches the form for empty fields.
  • The ValidateAndSubmit action performs tests on phone numbers.
  • Use lists of fields that you want to have checked. One field can be in several lists.
  • The form is validated up on submission, a method that is much safer, and less prone to errors, than runtime validation.
  • New in version 1.3 is the validation of fields by matching the content. Very useful if you want to verify an email address by letting the user type it twice.

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