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Daverj actions

AutoFramset & IntoFrameset actions Two actions that are used together to force pages into a frameset. GoLive offers a similar solution but it demands that you make one frameset for each page. There are no other actions that can offer this solution!
PrintPage action This action is used to add a print button to your page.
SuperSlide a set of actions A very powerful slideshow action, check it out!
IfCurrentFolder action This action can be used in a component to test if the page the component is on is in a specific folder, and if so (or not) then you can execute another specific action (like SetImageURL).
CurrentDate action This action displays the current date on the screen.
SmoothFloatLayer action This is one of the coolest actions I've seen. It moves a layer back to it's original position while the pages is scrolled. The smoothness can be controlled.
OpenWindow 1.2 action An OpenWindow action with more options.
IfCurrentPage action This action is used in components to make changes dependent on what page the component is in. See Dave's page for more info.
SetWithCode action This is the most powerful actions I've seen and I haven't got space enough here to describe it, check out Dave's download page!
SendToCode action This is the reverse of the action above, see Dave's download page for more info!
Snippet action The snippet action allows you to execute a simple piece of JavaScript code from an action.