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Adobe GoLive Tutorials

GoLive tutorials:

Tutorial name:
Why are links pointing to my local hard drive?
[text tutorial]
This is the most common question in the user forums. An explaination of why the problem occurs and what you can do to avoid it.
The Co-Author tutorial
[text tutorial]
This step-by-step Co-Author tutorial is written by John Corb. It contains everything you need to know to get going with Co-Author.
Basic CSS and links part I.
[Flash video 4MB]
[Flash download 3.9MB]
Basic instruction on how to create an external style sheet and style your links.
Basic CSS and links part II
[Flash video 4.1MB]
[Flash download 4.0MB]
Part II contains info on how you target just a few links by using CSS classes. There is also some info on hover effects and how you apply CSS to other elements than links.
Lynn Grillo's Co-Author tutorial segment 1-7.
[QT download 43.5MB .zip format]
This tutorial is a must if you are going to use Co-Author, the GoLive feature that enables your clients to update pages.
Lynn Grillo's HTML email tutorial.
[link to]
This is an outstanding tutorial on how to make HTML email, easy to understand and well-researched!
An introduction to MenuMachine
[Flash video 9MB]
[Flash video in ZIP archive 9MB]
[The MenuMachine page]
This is not a tutorial, it's more of an introduction to MenuMachine. If you are contemplating buying MenuMachine, or if you're just curious, this video can be a good resource. MenuMachine helps you build the site navigation in no time!
How to flow text around images.
[Flash video 1.1MB]
This is a simple (and short) tutorial for beginners, demonstrating how you flow text around images in Adobe GoLive.
How to make forms in GoLive.
[PDF doc 25KB]
A tutorial about how you set up forms in GoLive, and explanations of all form elements and options. (Link included to supporting video)

Action tutorials:

Tutorial name:
General action troubleshooting
[Flash video]
Just about everything you need to know when you have to troubleshoot actions!
FocusFormField actions
[Flash video]
Instructions for the FocusFormField action.
ScrollArea action action
[Flash video]
Instructions for the ScrollArea action.
ValidateAndSubmit action
[Flash video 7.6MB]
[Window Media 4.7MB]
Instructions for the ValidateAndSubmit actions.
The GoLive JavaScript action whitepaper
[PDF doc 400KB]
An outstanding GoLive action resource!

Design tutorials:

Tutorial name:
Making dynamic pages in GoLive
[video tutorial]

This tutorial will definitely not make you a web developer, my goal is just to help you set up your development environment and maybe get you interested enough to continue the learning process on your own. You will learn how to: Install Apache, MySQL, phpMyAdmin, how to create a database, fetch records and display them in a PHP page.

How to creat an RSS news feed
[PDF tutorial]
A basic tutorial that will help you set up an RSS feed on your site.
Avoid getting Google hacked!
[text tutorial]
This tutorial is about avoiding the more than 800 ways a hacker can attack your site by using Google to find the vulnerabilities.
Analyzing the web log.
[text tutorial]
This is more of an introduction to the art of analyzing web logs. Can you and your client make money out of this?
SEO - Search Engine Optimization
[text tutorial]
A tutorial by the SEO consultant Eric Martin of Futura Studios.

"When a spider comes to your site, you will not be judged on your web design proficiency - you will be judged on your coding proficiency."
Web design tools in Firefox
[text tutorial]
Can a browser be a web design tool? Yes if it's called Mozilla Firefox! Here is a short introduction.
The JavaScript tutorials
[text tutorials]
17 basic JavaScript tutorials written by Michael Ahgren. No previous programming experience needed.
.htaccess files
[text tutorial]
How you protect a folder by using a .htaccess file.
robots.txt files
[text tutorial]
Learn how to hide your pages from search engines.
A SSI "Include" introduction
[text tutorial]
In this introduction to Server Side Includes you will get a basic understanding of how you include one or more documents into another document.
A SSI "Echo" introduction
[text tutorial]
This tutorial is about how you display server info, like time and date, in your page.
Organize your CSS
[text tutorial]
A tutorial about the importance of using CSS in an organized and contextual way.
How to make custom error pages!
[text tutorial]
A tutorial on how you set up custome error pages by using an .htaccess file
Print CSS tutorial.
[text tutorial]
This is an CSS tutorial from my old site that gives you a basic understanding of how you can control printing by using CSS.
Site maps - why and how
[Flash video 3MB]
Why you should use site maps and how to make them quickly in GoLive. There is also some information in the video about hiding pages from search engines by using a robots.txt file.